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I dont Fall


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I dont Fall
I dont Fall

Bellerophon is a hero from Greek mythology.

With his flying horse Pegasus, he defeated many monsters like the Chimera,

and now you’re headed to Olympus to become a god.

Can your spirit of adventure reach beyond Mount Olympus to the temple high in the sky?

It’s okay to quit after flying a bit.

His fate is up to you, after all.

Not everyone has to be a hero, right?

The goal of the game is simple. You have to overcome terrain features, traps, and fly endlessly.

The game is basically a permadeath jumping platformer.

Yeah… It’s the game you’re imagining, but maybe a little different.

Because it’s always nice to fly through the sky, and it might just reduce your anger and stress.

If you ever imagined as a kid running around on top of the clouds, Unreal Engine can now make that dream come true.

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Key Fetures:

  • Move and jump Fly with simple controls. Stay focused and you’ll never fall.
  • Pegasus looks a little wild, but that’s okay, use the jump key to tame him.
  • You are an invincible hero. No attack can stop you, except maybe gravity.
  • Watch out for the flies. Pesky beings and trials of the gods stand in your way.
  • If you’re afraid of heights, beware of the gameplay.

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