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Towards The Stars


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Towards The Stars
Towards The Stars

You are the captain of a mining ship watching your home world being destroyed by a large asteroid. Your only hope is to gather resources, create new technologies and set off on a long journey into the deep space to search of a new home.


Resource mining: Mine asteroids to gather common and rare resources. Find the rare specimens and upgrade your ship.

Ship management: Manage your crew and ship modules to ensure long term crew survival. You have tree main systems. Fuel, energy and life support. If anyone of them drops to zero, your are in a big trouble.

Galaxy exploration: Travel across the galaxy, explore the star systems, find and research new technologies and avoid danger.

Zero gravity simulation handling: In a space there is no drag and no gravity so flying is dangerous and difficult, it will take some practice to master.

Local multiplayer: Match your piloting skills with your friends playing on one computer using gamepads in tree multiplayer modes. Free for all, deathmatch or team deathmatch and race.

Towards The Stars

Towards The Stars


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