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Dealership Simulator


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Dealership Simulator
Dealership Simulator

Dealership Simulator is a game that you can buy, sell, fix vehicles and sell them with high profits also in the city you can find fun mini-games

like Racing, Making Dialogues with NPC´s.


You can buy various cars and engines from other dealers in your city and sell them profitably to customers.

You need to take care of the features and damage conditions of the vehicles you buy, because customers are more into a undamaged cars.

They give more bargaining share and higher bids in purchasing undamaged vehicles. Sell vehicles to the highest bidder.

Wait for the customer who is perfect for making the highest profit.


Races held in the city are perfect for making money. You can go to the racetrack in the other part of the city and participate in the races.

You can show your driver skills.

-Car Modification-

You can improve your car which is helps your chances of defeating your opponents in the races you enter.


You can buy Broken Cars cheaper and re-sell them in your garage, this will cost you more for a cheaper amount.

It offers the opportunity to sell expensive cars, but beware, customers may not be very positive towards repaired cars.


You can play various mini-games from the computer in your gallery, and you can also make various expenses that may be useful for your gallery.

Dealership Simulator

Dealership Simulator


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