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Glider Sim


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Glider Sim
Glider Sim

Experience the ultimate sensation of gliding through the sky!

Glider Sim is a professional paragliding and paramotor simulator built for real pilots in mind and is aiming to achieve photorealistic graphics! You can fly in Free Flight mode, Multiplayer mode or Challenges. The sim can be played outside VR or inside VR. We recommend playing in Virtual Reality as it provides the highest level of immersion!

The simulator takes place in Sun Valley, ID, United States. The scenery is derived from real world satellite imagery and overlaid with high resolution textures, grass, trees and wildflowers! The scenery also includes custom placed roads, houses, buildings, power lines, soaring eagles, cruising airplanes and more! We are striving to create a beautiful living environment with many placed detailed scenery objects that you can discover as you fly and explore the map.

Key Fetures:

  • More Scored Challenges/ Missions.
  • 2 more scenery locations.
  • ——-Special Note ———

Glider Sim

Glider Sim


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