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Toon Toon Racing


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Toon Toon Racing
Toon Toon Racing

Are you looking for a stylized scenario, cool musics and an incredible car physics? Welcome to Toon Toon Racing game!

Feel the engines sounds

Nothing better than realistic engines sounds! Select your favorite car and starts listening the true engine power!

Smart AI

The AI will always be competitive, try to not out of the track because the AI is ready to take make our players eats dust.

Stylized Art

Everything in the Toon Toon Racing is stylized! The shaders of the game are inspired in anime shaders to bring a special experience for our players.

Amazing experience

You are the driver now. Show your best in this beautiful racing experience!

Made with Unity

This game uses a lot of assets of Unity Asset Store. Something that helped us a lot of developing this beautiful race game. We are so grateful for each person who worked on Asset Store.

About the version

Toon Toon Racing it’s running on your 1.0 version with 8 unique cars, 4 tracks and 1 game mode. Join at our Discord and let us a feedback:

Toon Toon Racing

Toon Toon Racing


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