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Atelier Tia


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Atelier Tia
Atelier Tia

Atelier Tia is an 2D adult-only game with action beat’em up game play. Do combos, skills and use various items to fight against many of enemies and bosses. Beat all of them and punish them in sexy way.


Tia, an alchemist girl who run her atelier outside town. She has tomboy personality and love fighting. She live with the cutest animal name “Poppo”.

One day the town near her atelier get attacked by bad alchemist organization. People in town become brainwash and only want to have sex because of strange perfume. Now Tia need to find catalysts for synthesis alchemist items that can help town while fighting against bad alchemist organization. Can Tia save the town with her strength and alchemy?


– 9 Stages

– 49 Enemies

– 15 Animation CG and 98 H-sprites

– Comedy storyline with adventure element

– Fun and challenge combat system

– Synthesis equipment and consumable items to help your adventure

– Upgrade stats

– Sexy content by enemy attack or Punish bad girls. Both win & lose rewards.

– English, Japanese and Chinese languages support

– Gamepad, normal control support but not extra button such as Home button and not support PS4 controller (plugged before start).

Atelier Tia

Atelier Tia


System minimum

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