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魂之刃 Blade of God


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魂之刃 Blade of God
魂之刃 Blade of God

On the day of the launch, we received some feedback from players that the difficulty of the boss of some level is too hard. In fact, each boss has its own unique combat ability, ( for example:Boss of 1-3,Flying Axe skills can interrupt his recovery skill)as long as you grasp the weaknesses, you can beat them.if you fail in the battle, you can return to the main city and replace the higher-level equipment you have obtained.

We will continue to synchronize strategies in the community to help you better understand the gameplay.

in order to repay the attention of all players, we prepared God’s Blessing (Blood Bottle) at the beginning of the game. Please remember to receive it in the mail

If you have any problems, please contact us:

《Blade of God》 is a 3D hardcore action game based on Nordic mythology. The main content of the game is invigorating and exciting combat, and it has combined a variety of elements and ability development systems.

Key Fetures:

  • ———————————————————
  • —– Charming character ——
  • —– Combat system ——
  • —– Slaughter Feast ——
  • —– Art style ——

魂之刃 Blade of God

魂之刃 Blade of God


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