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Code Dread


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Code Dread
Code Dread

About this game

Code Dread is a survival horror game for 1~4 players. Fight against a monster lurking in an abandoned hospital.


In Code Dread, you will enter an abandoned hospital to investigate what is haunting the building. There is a terrifying creature which is a former patient of the hospital, chasing you around in a thirst for blood. You will have to desperately run for your life, or fight it back if you feel brave. The enemy will be stronger as the game progresses, depending on the difficulty you choose and how many players you have. In multiplayer mode, you can use proximity voice chat to cooperate with teammates. Use your wits and try different strategies to survive!


Far from downtown, in the lonely countryside, there is an abandoned hospital. Rural residents never want to go near it, but rumor has it that this hospital was initially built to accomodate mental patients and later used for some illegal operations run by the government. No one knows what happend afterward and why it was abandoned, but apparently the place is haunted. Some people insist they saw a silhouette in the window. You are hired to investigate this incident. Can you solve the mystery of the hospital and get out with your team?


– Single player mode

You can beat the game solo, only if you are brave and capable enough.

– Co-op mode

You can play with 1-3 friends. The strength of the monster scales depending on how many players you have.

– In-game voice chat

You can talk with players near you. Let them hear you screaming out loud.

Code Dread

Code Dread


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