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Deserted is a stylized 3D action adventure with light RPG and narrative elements. Inspired by the alien atmosphere of Out Of This World, Deserted combines narrative storytelling with survival and fast paced strategic combat to deliver a thrilling adventure.

In an unknown distant system, you crash land on a mysterious planet. As your mission Captain takes his last breath, your journey unfolds and the fight for survival begins.

Players will traverse dense forests, enormous spires, and ancient ruins set against a colorful low poly aesthetic. Many secrets and paths lay hidden for players to uncover the lore and upgrades to your arsenal.

Survival in Deserted plays a pivotal role, but will never punish you as long you keep updating your potions inventory and upgrading your stats. Explorers will be rewarded with ingredients, and upgradeable skills to help them along on the journey.

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The combat is both fun and challenging with the main focus on fast paced strategic gameplay.

Deserted offers many options and upgrades to suit your combat style. With a unique skill tree system you can forge strategies against a vast array of enemies. The upgrades to your weapons and stats will help you turn the tide against the strongest foe.

Core Features

Local Co-Op – In Deserted you don’t have to play alone. We offer up to 2 players local co-op through the entire campaign. Play as either a female or male special operative.

Primary Weapon – An upgradeable Holo-Blade constructed from energy in your forearm mounted module system cuts through most matter.

Secondary Weapons – An array of matter decimating weapons capable of destroying enemies at a long and short range. These include a hand gun, automatic rifle and shotgun.

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