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Dice Rollers


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Dice Rollers
Dice Rollers

> Be me, Roru Daisuke.

> I just hosted a tabletop game with people I met online, but never previously seen in the flesh.

> I thought this should be a run-of-the-mill neckbeard meetup, yet it turns out that everyone else are girls!

> By everything that is holy, why am I so blessed – with suck!

> Do they look pretty? Yes. Is our campaign enjoyable? Ha ha.

> A MMORPG powergamer fresh to traditional games, who only knows min-maxing exploits;

> A rules lawyer obsessed with the gamebook, who would spend hours fighting over meaningless statistical details;

> A real roleplayer immersed in character fluff, but contributes nothing to gameplay;

> A prick dedicated to disrupting other people and causing mayhem;

Can I even do my job as the DM for this cursed party of raging freaks?

About us:

We are a group of TRPG enthusiasts and this – Dice Rollers – is our first video game.

Dice Rollers is a story told from our perspective, about the tabletop experience. We’re here to share all kinds of stories and experiences we’ve run into before, as well as pay homage to our favorite TRPG-inspired movie.

In this time of social distancing it would be hard for many, including us, to maintain a regular offline meeting schedule. We hope Dice Rollers could bring the fun of tabletop gaming to everyone.

Dice Rollers

Dice Rollers


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