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Fallen Rebellion


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Fallen Rebellion
Fallen Rebellion

“Nephew, Nush, what is it that you have done? Look what you have brought upon our land. Was it so hard to listen to my father? To obey and and worship as he has taught us?”


A loud trumpet, flashes of light and bright energy in the skies, the people can’t understand each other, the land is in chaos and we believe it has to do with Nush and his led rebellion. A rebellion to reach the highest throne and unfold chaos upon it. Fallen Rebellion is a 2.5D platformer in which the goal is to reach the end of the game and beat all the levels without any saves. Run and jump through the land of an ancient civilization in a challenging platformer in which your goal is to reach the end without any saves. The goal is to be as precise and patient as you can possibly be.

Fallen Rebellion

Fallen Rebellion


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