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Faylinn’s Quest


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Faylinn’s Quest
Faylinn’s Quest

RPG + Visual Novel + Eroge

(20/30 hours of gameplay)

A non-linear experience in which you take the role of Faylinn, the adventurer that’s secretly a half-demon, on her quest to discover the truth about her powers!

Interact with many characters and influence their lives, relationships, with open-ended quests, customizable stats and skills, unlocking plenty of delicious original illustrations!

Move to the town of Padavil, make friends (or more), join a Guild, go wherever you want at any time of day!

Pick houses, go hunting monsters, craft runes, will you rent a room at the Inn or sleep in the outskirts? The first Chapter of Faylinn’s Quest is very open-world-ish and you will travel alone or in couples: be careful not to reveal your Demon Form to anyone!

Recruit the team of adventurers of your choice and depart for an exciting adventure! Travel many locations, go on Quests and remember: the companions you bring will influence the story! In Chapter 2, your party is on the road and you have access to your Camp where you can chat with your friends and form your battling team of up to 4 characters. You will visit a second Town and other wild areas with Dungeons to explore, people to meet, and secrets to discover!

Key Fetures:

  • Turn-based combat with 10+ recruitable companions (and relationship building)
  • Equipment with attachable and craftable components
  • Customizable skills and parameters
  • Recruitable companions with dialogue, plot and CG scenes
  • New game plus and Post-game content
  • Plenty of quests and choices to make
  • Many characters to romance or develop LGBT-friendly relationships with
  • Multiple routes and alternative endings
  • Gallery with over 100 illustrations!

Faylinn’s Quest

Faylinn’s Quest


System minimum

System recommended