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Final Bravely


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Final Bravely
Final Bravely

\!/ For english version , launch the game directly with steam don’t use shortcut \!/

In a prosperous magic world, a powerful creature: “The Reaper” reigns supreme.

This terrible creature want to establish its dominance by drawning the Earth’s mana.

Even the souls of the departed are disturbed by the chaos ensued.

Explore the world of Nilume and discover the tragic story of N’Orzielle

Follow the dark and destructive path she took to save her from her terrible fate.

Discover the true identity of “The Reaper” and be the witnesses of the desolation caused by the “Gods”.

During your adventure, you will face many perilous tasks. Find your way into temples filled with riddles and face some terrible dangers in order to eradicate the roots of this corruption.

Why did the “Gods” destroyed an entire village? How could the legend became true?

Find out the parts of this story scattered across the game to answer all these questions and uncover the truth.


Experience an old school RPG; develop your strategies by combining abilitys and magic spells to defeat the most fearsome monsters as you’re mastering Final Bravely’s combat system.

Personalize your adventure with 8 differents character classes.

Use Alchemy to create powerful enchants for your equipement , develop new spells.

A Casino with many mini-games

An Arena


The Reaper: Capable of unleashing devastating combos, the Reaper can absorb the strength of his allies to improve his own and deal large amounts of damage while enduring the fiercest assaults. At the end of a fight, he can siphon the remaining energy of his foes to regenerate himself.

The Paladin: strong in both healing spells and offensive magic, the Paladin has a high defense and can use a wide range of useful skills.

Final Bravely

Final Bravely


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