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Funbag Fantasy 2


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Funbag Fantasy 2
Funbag Fantasy 2


– Full-length visual novel with multiple heroines

– Almost 200 beautifully drawn CGs to explore

– 20+ hours of average reading time

– Story written by Kagami Hiroyuki, a massive boob lover and widely acclaimed for his worldbuilding!

– Character designed by veteran artist Q-Gaku!


Zebia (Dark Elf)

Cup: F

A mercenary hired by the bandit gang harassing Boobshire.

According to her agreement with the boss, the gang does not assault girls while she works with them.

Shaharl (Succubus)

Cup: H

A marchioness, the liege of Succubshire Castle, and a powerful noblewoman.

She is very mature and voluptuous.

Her favorite drink is semen.

Elysia (Elf)

Cup: DDD

A proud elf and a swordswoman serving Her Ladyship Shaharl.

Her fencing skills appear to be quite respectable.

A fighting beauty of youthful charms.

Nadine (Queen)

Cup: J

The queen consort and a wife.

Although she holds no legal political power, sometimes she does ask the king for a favor or gently remonstrates him.

She has the air of a graceful married woman with plenty of maternal milk… but due to not sleeping with the king recently, she feels frustrated.

Lorelia (Mermaid)

Cup: G

A mermaid whom the protagonist meets in rural Boobshire.

She is pure, innocent, and devoted… but at the same time, submissive and lewd. A busty girl whose forte is the titjob.


It is an age when daemons and humans still live side by side. In the island Kingdom of Hillsland, separated from the Eurodia continent by the sea, the number of poverty-stricken daemons has been steadily increasing since the adoption of money as a medium of exchange. Some of those who lost family and property have begun assaulting moneylenders, in whom they see the root of their problems. Such incidents in turn widen the rift between human and daemonkind.

Funbag Fantasy 2

Funbag Fantasy 2


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