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GoldFish Brain


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GoldFish Brain
GoldFish Brain

Goldfish Brain is a 2D scrolling platform action game .

It adopts a Metroidvania-like design.

You need to explore maps and find various ability items to strengthen yourself and break through more challenges.

In this darkness government underground secret laboratory, you are a goldfish brain artificial human wearing a life-saving device.

As one of the researchers in a government underground secret laboratory, you carried out many secret experiments and development.

Until one day, the laboratory alarm suddenly sounded and all the security robots and the base facilities were suddenly out of control.

Under the warn of the AI assistant, you knew someone must have invaded the base system.

You need to reach the lowest level , find the hidden hand, and retake control of the base system.

Game Features:

Key Fetures:

  • 3 Areas.
  • 4 Bosses.
  • 20+Items to customize your way of playing.
  • Several secrets.

GoldFish Brain

GoldFish Brain


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