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I Wanna Build a Robot


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I Wanna Build a Robot
I Wanna Build a Robot

Grab your gamepad and get ready for the action !

A little boy is stuck at home waiting for his mom. Suddenly, a giant robot body pops into his living room and ask him to get some parts so they can play together.

I Wanna Build A Robot is a sci-fi retro action game in the style of 1990’s pixel art and lo-fi music. Single-player only for the moment, it is action-packed and filled with secrets !

With the help of two weapons : a stick to strike with and a stone to throw, defeat countless enemies in many levels and triumph over the bosses.

Be aware that it is a short experience, created in a month by two programmers.

Enjoy !

I Wanna Build a Robot

I Wanna Build a Robot


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