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Koe (声): Part 1


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Koe (声): Part 1
Koe (声): Part 1

Part 1 releases in April 2024.

Part 2 is a free update and is currently being prepared for release.

In Koe (声) you are sent to Japan as a high school exchange student. Make friends, learn the language and spend time with your homestay family during your time in the rural city of Sakurachou.

Eventually you’ll realize this small Japanese city is harbouring a certain peculiarity in its shrine, you’ll be transformed and sent on your way to Koe- a world full of cities, caves, shrine, battles along with new friends where your words will be your most powerful weapon.

Using your army of Japanese words you’ll be able to attack, defend, heal and grind your way through the vast overworld, while returning to Sakuracho to learn the words you need to strengthen your arsenal. With your friends, will you be able to uncover the mystery of the princess Fleur and her family?

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Koe (声) is a narrative driven JRPG-inspired language learning game that aims to introduce the player to the Japanese language over the length of a modern and full RPG. Designed and developed by a team based between Japan, USA, and the UK, Koe (声) is an ongoing development to create a truly unique language learning experience.

A collusion of a rural Japanese city with the fantasy world of Koe is the setting of your journey. As you begin your travels you will find yourself at an airport at the beginning of the game, and will soon travel to your home to the town of Sakurachou. Here you will learn about living in Japan, learning the language and meet a variety of locals along the way. Some native, some from another world.

Your weapon of choice will be the Japanese language itself. By leveling the individual Kana, the building blocks of the Japanese language, you will be taught how to use the language to your advantage in battle as you uncover the secrets of the princess Fleur and the world of Koe.

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