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Land of the Survivors


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Land of the Survivors
Land of the Survivors

【Game Introduction】

Come and experience this roguelike-style survival game that combines vehicle driving and exciting automatic shooting! In this world full of zombies, you will drive various special vehicles to challenge various difficulty levels in the zombie park, release your stress, and get the ultimate decompression experience.

【Story Background】

Ten years after the cataclysmic event, the Church has gradually taken control of this world covered in wasteland. Survivors have set their sights on the zombie park. In this park built by the Church, survivors can hunt zombies recklessly with special vehicles to obtain spiritual decompression and material rewards. Each hunt will earn a certain amount of credit points, which can be used to purchase new vehicles, unlock new characters and weapons. Here, every brave survivor can try to challenge their limits and break through the siege!

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【Game Features】

Zombie shooting + Exciting Automatic Shooting: Challenge various difficulty levels using a rich selection of weapons and special skills to release your stress.

Rich Selection of Vehicles and Weapons: The game features 7 different vehicles, each equipped with automatic weapons and their own special skills. In addition, there are 7 special weapons, each with its own unique function, allowing you to freely mix and match according to your preferences.

Multiple Character Selection: The game features 7 different character options, each with its own unique attribute bonus. You can choose your favorite character and challenge the zombie park.

Various Scene Challenges: The game features 5 different park scenes, each with its own unique characteristics. Flat terrain is suitable for beginners, while undulating sand dunes and smooth ice surfaces are prepared for experts.

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