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Lie In My Heart


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Lie In My Heart
Lie In My Heart

My daily life brutally collapsed the day Marie, my wife, took her own life.

The violence of the death led to a forensic investigation, to reporters pushing doubt on the nature of what happened… and even though Marie suffered from bipolar disorder, the demons of remorse of our fresh break-up started to show up.

To try to get a grasp of why Marie gave up on life, I keep remembering our life together, the choices I made. It is a necessary evil to find the right words to Théo’s questions, our 5 year-old boy, in order to help him to cope with his mother’s loss.

Live my life and learn if your choices are similar to mine.

Key features


Both a visual novel and an adventure game, Lie in My Heart is the exploration of a family tragedy and of the autobiographical possibilities of videogames. The game relies on the concept of « expressive games »: play experiences that give players the opportunity to take someone’s place in order to explore personal psychological and social issues, as well as moral and ethical dilemmas and their consequences. This concept is the result of several years of research carried out by game designer and researcher Sébastien Genvo

Key Fetures:

  • A narrative, interactive and artistic experience that redefines one’s conception of “what a game is”
  • This game includes sensitive and moving topics inspired by daily life and real events
  • It is both easy to play and deep in its content, and the game’s mechanics create high replay value
  • Beyond its personal story, Lie In My Heart illustrates universal topics such as losing a loved one, coping with mental illness, and helping a child to deal with death
  • Inspired in its visuals and soundtrack by strong cinematographic and musical works (such as David Lynch’s universe, Steven Wilson’s music and the band Tool)

Lie In My Heart

Lie In My Heart


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