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Luna’s Light


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Luna’s Light
Luna’s Light

Luna’s Light is a classic 2D pixel metroidvania with a focus on the main story. Luna is a brave and daring hunter, and her main weapon is a bow with different types of arrows, suitable for solving different tasks. On her way she will encounter many dangers – wild animals, bandits, bosses and platforming.

Game Features

Message from the developer

Hi all! My wife and I made this game together and put all our talent into it, making it exactly the way we would like it. We hope you like it too!

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Key Fetures:

  • Different types of arrows, bows and clothes!
  • Saving the game at bonfires and replenishing health with potions.
  • Secondary quests help you get to know the game world better and strengthen your character.
  • Atmospheric and diverse pixel locations with their own history.

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