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Magenta Horizon


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Magenta Horizon
Magenta Horizon

“Soar over Purgatory and reap all the foes.”

Magenta Horizon is a fast-paced 2D action platformer, with gameplay inspired by spectacle fighters, and a world designed to look and feel like a living prog-rock album cover. Test your skill with it’s vast, stylistic, expressive combat options!

Spectacle fighter – Fully unlocked melee combat system that allows you to learn and master the game at your own pace. Slay enemies swiftly, gain style points, and earn that sweet Triple S rank.

Difficulty options – Choose from 5 difficulties that change both stage structure and enemy encounters, and push yourself to the limits.

Expressive combat – Juggle and pogo enemies to simultaneously attack and position yourself. Unlockable ranged skills widen your crowd-controlling methods. Use healing bombs to favor a more aggressive playstyles. Utilize environmental hazards. Experience the full freedom of combat!

Personalized playstyle – Experiment with the unique Necklace system to further cater to differing combat preferences, allowing you to chain combos and maximize your lethality.

Gigantic stages – These large arenas are designed to test your skill in platforming, navigation, and combat.

Surreal world – A varied and volatile roster of unique enemies and bosses keep the gameplay fresh, with a deeper lore below the surface that unfolds across a playthrough.

You play as Gretel, a reaper in this twisted purgatory, exiled for 200 years. After being freed from her sarcophagus by a wandering soul named Archibald – Gretel seeks purpose in her afterlife – guiding Archibald back to the sanctuary she was long ago exiled from. This journey will be along a perilous path, fraught with all manner of grotesque demons starving for souls.

Magenta Horizon

Magenta Horizon


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