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Mandinga – A Tale of Banzo


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Mandinga – A Tale of Banzo
Mandinga – A Tale of Banzo

1826, Brazil was a paradise land with full natural beauty but it was also have by injustice, violence and oppression. It is in this context that we present our two heroes: Akil, the Mandinga, a Muslim who had diverse knowledge, such reading and writing and other skills, and Obadelê, Yoruba, a strong capoeirista warrior.

Together they will overcome their differences and fight toguethe for freedom!

Mandinga: A tale of Banzo is a jRPG-style game, with a unique turn-based combat using dices with exploration environments and an immersive and story.

Features of this incredible game are:

Innovative combat system, using dices.

Set skill system building with assembly and organization of unique abilities.

immersive history based on a historical moment of Brazil.

Texts Translated into Portuguese and English.

Mandinga – A Tale of Banzo

Mandinga – A Tale of Banzo


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