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A castaway stuck on a deserted island scrounges for the last bits of food he can find. On the edge of death, he wakes up one night and realizes that a fully stocked, fully functional fast food restaurant has appeared on his tiny island paradise. Shocked and confused at the sight, he wanders into the nightmare that is Manny’s, a restaurant with employees who act as if nothing is out of the ordinary, one bloodthirsty patron, and a mysterious manager who calls out from the bowels of the restaurant itself. Will this castaway get his last meal, or will he become the meal?

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Manny’s is a cinematic adventure where you scavenge for food during the day and survive the restaurant at night! With over 20 unique fish to catch, test your mashing skills on the fishing minigame! With two different endings and one super secret level, Manny’s is sure to have you coming back for more. Uncover the horrible truth about this cursed eatery before the evil within makes you its next meal. Pull up a menu, order some food, and welcome to Manny’s!

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