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Misericorde: Volume One


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Misericorde: Volume One
Misericorde: Volume One

The year is 1482.

The age of exploration and enlightenment is on the distant horizon and the Renaissance is in full swing across Europe; but in England, the War of the Roses is in its final throes. Change is coming, but in one little convent in the north of the kingdom, everyone has seemed blissfully unaware.

Everyone except Sister Catherine, a beloved nun and firebrand thinker who has just been murdered. In an isolated monastery with an already mysterious reputation, any one of the Sisters could be the killer—and Mother Superior is as stumped as anyone else. That’s where you come in.

As an Anchoress, you took an oath to never leave your cell; to devote yourself entirely to God and provide spiritual support to all who came to your door. But as the only Sister who couldn’t possibly have committed the crime, you have a new mission: solve the case, before the bishop shutters the convent and the killer goes unpunished.

The Superior hasn’t told everyone why you’ve suddenly joined the regular congregation, but something tells you most of these women know exactly what’s going on. Who can you trust? Who is being honest, and who has their guard up—and why? Is the convent really haunted? Who killed Sister Catherine? And worst of all… are you next?

Misericorde: Volume One

Misericorde: Volume One