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Natural Spirit


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Natural Spirit
Natural Spirit

The spirit of nature needs you

Once upon a time, somewhere in a forgotten area, unknown to man, a majestic and unique tree is the guardian of all life on earth.

The tree of life has special powers and draws its energy from the four elements that make up our world: water, fire, air and earth.

Its vitality reflects the health of our ecosystem and if we are to believe its condition, nature is in a bad way.

It has been progressively dying out for decades due to human activities and pollution. His protector Aura, the spirit of nature, goes to find help to give him back his former strength.

You play as Yukito the shiba, assisted by Aura, in order to clean and purify the four elements of the ecosystem, the only way to save the tree of life from a certain death that would doom us all.

A simple gameplay for a unique experience!

Key Fetures:

  • you have the soul of an explorer and challenges don’t scare you.
  • you have a love for nature and that you are not afraid to tame wild animals.
  • you are fascinated by supernatural and mystical events, you will be intrigued by the surprises in this new world.
  • you are tired of violence in video games and have become peaceful, our gameplay would not hurt a dog.

Natural Spirit

Natural Spirit


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