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Paper Dolls 2 纸人贰 (ALL DLC)


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Paper Dolls 2 纸人贰  (ALL DLC)
Paper Dolls 2 纸人贰 (ALL DLC)

Paper Dolls 2: Escape—A Free DLC

You can play the new game modes WITHOUT first completing Paper Dolls 2’s main story.

This DLC contains the two following game modes:


Sprint to no end without having to pause, and make sure to explode each wine jar at the opportune moment to blow up as many paper dolls as possible.

Face the three big bosses at once and defeat them in one fell swoop.

A new scoring system that grades you in both wisdom and courage.

Choose between Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare.

How to Access

First, download Paper Dolls 2. Then select Bonus Mode -> ‘Escape’ or ‘Boss Frenzy’ from within the main menu .

The new modes can be accessed without having finished the game.

Key Fetures:

  • Ghosts and spirits will prowl the mansion on All Hallows’ Eve! Within the new game mode you will act as an exorcist, slaying spirits aplenty!
  • The merciless paper dolls are like marionettes on strings. Fleeting, a reflection of truths. You must rise up and face a challenge greater than ever if you are to survive. Tap into your wisdom and courage. Kill as you have never before, for a way out, to live…
  • Escape
  • Boss Frenzy
  • New Game Modes
  • Boss Frenzy
  • Score
  • Difficulties

Paper Dolls 2 纸人贰  (ALL DLC)

Paper Dolls 2 纸人贰  (ALL DLC)


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