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Pillow Bellow


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Pillow Bellow
Pillow Bellow

Good night and sweet dreams …. maybe?

Do you have trouble sleeping and don’t know why? That’s exactly what Pillow World is all about to answer.

In the game you will play the main role of a small blue pillow whose task is to go through different worlds (in the future, present and past) and help people to sleep better.

You need to collect all the feathers that are needed to pass to the next rescue.

Dont worry you will not lose them when you die but on each map are placed unique skins that you can collect since humans are so picky and dont want to sleep only on blue pillow.

Collecting these skins will lift people’s spirits and help them sleep better.

But if you want to look back at your skin collection we have made a special Wardrobe in Pillow World so you can always take these skins back.

One thing is nightmare for all pillows.

The water [/b…. because who want to sleep on wet pillows?So be really careful and try to not fall into the water becase you will lose your new skin ( if you collected him).


Yes there are a few hidden achievements. It will be good to collect that for your personal collection of trophies.


Yes you can meet special enemies that will try to hurt you or the human. But don’t be afraid you will be able to defend yourself and kill all the bad things that will be waiting for you. And there is a lot of bad things….


Yes in this game will be a special events some of them will be active only by some time and some of them are permanent.

We will try to refresh this section as much as posibble.

Pillow Bellow

Pillow Bellow


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