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Sahara’s Underworld


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Sahara’s Underworld
Sahara’s Underworld

A descendant of the semigods of the ancient Egypt, the Shemsu Hor, goes on a quest to find the lost relics of Horus.

Legend says that the relics are hidden inside a forgotten temple buried beneath the Sahara desert.

It is said that this temple will reveal itself to those who have the blessing of the old gods, but only a character with pure intent will be able to confront the unknown horrors and curses that guard the dark corridors of the temple.

Are you ready to face the darkness?

Key Fetures:

  • Explore procedural generated dungeons
  • Unique rooms with enemies, obstacles, puzzles, ilusions and much more
  • Grab essences of energy to obtain unique skills
  • Find the secrets lost in the dark corners of the temple
  • There are fragments of light and darkness scattered around the temple. Absorb them to enable unique skills.
  • Some rooms might require you to choose what challenges you want to face in the next procedural dungeon.

Sahara’s Underworld

Sahara’s Underworld


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