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Shadows of Larth


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Shadows of Larth
Shadows of Larth

As the wind corruption unleashes its wrath on the lands of the Lower Larth, The Marked Guild sent you as one of their five champions. Face Keepers and

Shadows Of Larth and help restore the Wind to its former state.

Heal the wounds of the Land or ignore it and walk your path learn new abilities and forge powerful blades to fight strong, legendary and famous enemies, carve your own path to become one of The heroes of Larth.

Be clever Choose your arms well, Upgrade each to defeat your foes and forge your own destiny. For the world of Larth is deadly any multiple enemies roam the land, each with their own unique skills in battle. Hunt them down and cut them all if needs be.

Your left hand (MARKED HAND) will not stand idle while you fight, use your base abilities or unlock new ones, they will surely help you settle battles quickly and swiftly. Explore the world and hunt blue scrolls with each you will get a useful ability from the Ranged Class to Heavy to Abilities that just protects you.

Key Fetures:

  • An Epic fantasy Story inspired by Medieval to Bronze age Mediterranean culture
  • Unique visuals crafted and digitally sculpted by hand with realistic and dynamic lighting
  • Fluid and fast paced combat system tested and built as the “Core Game Mechanic”
  • Diverse world and enemies, explore cities,forests,ruins,dungeons …
  • 8 directional dodge and roll even when you are locked on to a target
  • RPG Dialogue narratives with multiple choice with each NPC you meet
  • Up to 15 Marked Ability to unlock

Shadows of Larth

Shadows of Larth


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