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Shards of Chaos


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Shards of Chaos
Shards of Chaos


“They call me Rain without knowing my real name. Rainstorm is my only salvation.

In this shattered world, where I have no friends or enemies… All I have to do is complete my contract and return — to find the one who’s waiting for me.”

This is her only path: to willingly fall into the trap, in order to find and protect Lellia — at the behest of the contract given by an ancient Temple.

Shards of destinies, endlessly intertwining threads of time; cycles that painfully replace each other… Reflections in the eyes, scarlet — a color that outshines the hesitant flame.

These tests of fate will challenge you to figure out the traitor, protect Lellia, unravel the mystery of the magical catastrophe and the cycles of the “Modern Hell”.

A World Abandoned by the Gods.

The action takes place in the abandoned estate of the Order called “Black Rose”. A magical catastrophe has crushed the manor, spreading death to all nearby lands, turning people into “Shadows”. Rain will have to plunge into this cursed place, encountering a mad adventuress and a dragon-girl from the “Hel’” clan; in the darkness.

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The dramatic story will unfold piece by piece, adding up to the overall picture of the dark mansion, reacting to your actions. Secrets, betrayals, a Railway beyond Space and Time…

You’ll go all this way with Rain. And it depends only on you — whether you can solve all the mysteries in time, solve everything without bloodshed… Or whether, on the contrary, you’ll follow the scarlet path.

The Path.

A non-linear plot that can change depending on your choices.

Build logic chains, decide: whether it’s worth the risk, and what approach to choose for one or another character…

A dramatic story, not a dating sim.

“Nothing to worry about… If my blade turns out to be the slower”. Feelings, logic and characters will be matter in this story.

The world will not wait while you think about your actions.

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