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Yao Xiu is an ordinary young lady from a noble family. Yet it pains her to stay in the household where she doesn’t fit in. Her only way out is through marriage and starting a new family. Now, her with wedding approaching she is killed, unexpectedly, right on the eve of her big day.

As Yao Xiu reopens her eyes right after her ‘death’. She finds herself trapped in a time loop—forcing her to live through the same day over and over, surviving and dying again and again.

She is told, that she has 3 chances to save herself. If she loses 3 turns, the game ends, and so does her life.

Will each repeated encounter get Yao Xiu one step closer to the truth?


=About Soulslayer=

‘Soulslayer’ is an adventure game series by Saltytata Studio. Every episode is a separate story. ‘The Wedding Eve’ is the first episode.

Key Fetures:

  • An exciting adventure in a story of ancient Chinese setting.
  • Visual Novel with multiple endings to explore. Collect them to unveil hidden parts of the story.
  • Every decision you make matters. Make full use of the clue system to collect information and be careful with your choice.
  • Full Chinese voice cast.
  • With steam achievements/trading cards/wallpapers.


System minimum

System recommended