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In this land ravaged by demons, with countless lives in ruins;

facing enemies surging from all sides…

What you need to do is—start running first!

Run, dash, unleash!

Utilize the unique skills of each character

While running to annihilate a large number of enemies in one go!

Experience rich growth both inside and outside the game,

where every battle is not just a survival challenge

But an opportunity for continuous learning and evolution!

Game features:

Speedoverflow is a roguelite game that combines exhilarating parkour with unrivaled combat. Accumulate experience and level up by defeating enemies, master new skills, and combine them with each character’s unique abilities for a more immersive combat experience. Continuously improve your strength and survive against the relentless tide of incoming enemies within the given time limit!

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Easy to pick up, all operations can be done with just a mouse, and a game lasts only 15 minutes; play anytime, anywhere~

There are over ten unique characters with their own characteristics, dozens of skills for customization and growth, providing a different experience in every game!

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