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Tales of Spark


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Tales of Spark
Tales of Spark


Legend has it that in ancient times, Gonggong was defeated by Zhurong, in a fit of rage, he damaged Buzhou Mountain with a great smash, the pillar holding up the heaven. The mountain broken, followed by great flood and suffering. Nüwa could not bear the loss of life, she gathered and melted stones to mend the sky. But in the mending, there were four remaining magic Sparks with fire, thunder, cold, poison powers created and scattered all directions on the earth. 

Among them, Fire Spark was scattered to West Pasha Kingdom, Thunder Spark to Great Grassland, Cold Spark to Kunlun Mountains and Poison Spark to South Jiange. Four Sparks, Varied magics, If gathered, Power beyond. So for a long time, bold strifes and cunning struggles have endlessly taken place in order to get them.


Early years of the Tang dynasty, Yuwen Jingzhe and his fellow Kunlun Sect apprentices practiced swordsmanship and techniques among the snow-capped mountains in Kunlun Mountains of the Western Regions. The arrival of MangZi, a small witch of the Moonwatcher clan in NanZhao, broke the tranquility of the mountains.

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It turned out that during the Mid-autumn Festival, there was a strange phenomenon in the sky, Blood Moon befell, soon a commotion in the northwest boundary of Moon Ward was noticed by Shadowmoon master in the clan through the sacrifice ritual, urgently the disciples was ordered to go to Kunlun Sect to ask for its head Taiyan Zhenren’s help on the crisis.

Then, at the request of Taiyan Zhenren, the head disciple, Yuwen Jingzhe tidied up his belongs, bid farewell to the sect, and went downhill with the little witch MangZi, looking to pacifying the increasing unease of Moon Ward boundary.

Why the eternally untouchable boundary has been stirred up? Is it the act of nature or man? Could Yuwen Jingzhe manage to help MangZi to finish the job? What kind of underworld would Kunlun disciples encounter? Welcome to experience the real-time combat RPG game“Tales of Spark”, let’s join the adventure!

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