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The PenguinGame -Antarctic Savior-


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The PenguinGame -Antarctic Savior-
The PenguinGame -Antarctic Savior-

– About Our Game

This game is an open world adventure game with various contents such as sports mini-games, FPS, boss battles, item farming, quests, platformers, and puzzles.

– Collect air conditioners, save Antarctica!

Global warming poses a major threat to penguins in Antarctica.

Since they can’t survive in such a hot climate, the penguins are about to start a fight for survival against the humans who caused global warming. In order for the penguins to survive, they must take away the air conditioner from the humans and turn on the Bluetooth outdoor fan to lower the Antarctic temperature. Only you can save them. Antarctic savior!

– Open world adventure

Explore different locations: penguin villages, cities, deserts and more!

-Various types of content, including boss battles, quests, minigames, and more than 25 different achievements

From various simple mini-games to high-difficulty boss battles, there are various types of content in the penguin game, so you can choose and enjoy the content that suits your taste.

– cute penguin

There are penguins in this game. Of course, the main character is also a penguin.


This game is kind of funny. At least the makers hoped so.

The PenguinGame -Antarctic Savior-

The PenguinGame -Antarctic Savior-