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TITANKIN: Prologue


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TITANKIN: Prologue
TITANKIN: Prologue

TITANS have long been mere stories, but soon twin protagonists Torden and Jorden are going to experience the thunderous rise of the long-dormant creatures.

Inspired by Celtic mythology, TITANKIN Prologue takes you on a tight JRPG-style adventure where you’ll meet plenty of colourful characters, wield the power of TITANS, and enjoy thoughtful turn-based battles in a delightfully crafted pixel-art world.

Strategic Turn-Based Combat

Each enemy you encounter has distinct strengths and weaknesses – discover and employ your own strategies to quickly overthrow the enemy.

Command TITANS

Defeating each TITAN will yield a KINSTONE- equip one on a character and they’ll benefit from enhanced stat growth, as well as the ability to call upon the TITAN in battle!

The Classic JRPG, Modernized

No random encounters: on-map enemies will chase or run from the player, and superior balancing removes the need to grind for levels. Save points within a dungeon will also fully restore the party!

Vibrant Celtic-Mythology Setting

You will meet, battle, and recruit creatures and entities inspired by famous and obscure mythical stories of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and more.

Short and Sweet

This opening act of the TITANKIN saga won’t devour all your time- if you love JRPGs but don’t have 50+ hours to spend on a juggernaut, TITANKIN Prologue will leave you feeling fulfilled.

TITANKIN: Prologue

TITANKIN: Prologue


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