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Treasure Drifter: Nian


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Treasure Drifter: Nian
Treasure Drifter: Nian

Treasure Drifter: Nian is a game of stationary defensive action and customizable random exploration.

Learn different character stories, defeat difficult enemies, and unlock different events with your partner on the long road. Grow and explore the world as you advance and return to the rounds.


Stationary defensive combat


In the battles of this adventure, you need to stay with your partner all the time, moving only to the left and right of her, protecting her and fighting against the thousands of strange enemies and deadly leaders. But you’re also vulnerable, and your partner can give you all kinds of support.


You can freely choose to skip events


After encountering different enemies or events, you can record their coordinates and can choose to bypass them at the starting camp to adjust the overall pace of the game.


Travel and explore the world


Go on a journey through grasslands, lakes, caves, snowy mountains and meet different characters to broaden your knowledge of the world.


Random natural disaster event


The creatures aren’t the only ones you’ll encounter on your journey; there are all sorts of natural disasters to challenge as well.


About the developer


I’m Solo developer Liujiajun, this is my second one on Steam, I hope you can enjoy it.

Treasure Drifter: Nian

Treasure Drifter: Nian


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