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Weird Dreams


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Weird Dreams
Weird Dreams

ATARI PRESENTS is a series of titles geared toward the preservation of cult classics, forgotten favorites, and titles that would otherwise be lost to time. In the spirit of that, each ATARI PRESENTS title is presented unchanged from its original version other than providing the means to play them on modern hardware. Even the store description below is the very same language used to describe the title at the time of its release. Please enjoy!

Imagine yourself in a world full of nightmares with Dali-esque creatures and mind-eating eyes. Picture yourself in an upside down landscape. Alone in a weird dream and wondering… what the… ?!

Imported from England, this is the computer game that everyone is talking about – or soon will be – in excited whispers and bewildered exclamations.

It’s the game with the soccer ball that devours knife-wielding little girls… then burps.

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