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Wish World


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Wish World
Wish World

Wish World

Created inside of the world of wish, you must continue the creation of the world by collecting wishes with your platforming skills!

Leap into the world of Wish, a unique plane of existence filled with adventure! Around the world of Wish, the world is unfinished and must be restored!

Jump into the past and future using dimensional doors! Reach the end of each level to obtain a Wish, Collect all of the worlds wish’s and bring them to

the worlds heart!

Do You Have What It Takes to Save the World!




Extra Info

Wish world Was made individually by one person over a course of 4 years. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did making it, I plan to add more

features to the game in the future and its possible that in the very future I might make a level builder for players to design and create their own levels

Key Fetures:

  • Fluid Platforming
  • Collection Marathon
  • Colourful World
  • Friendly Controls
  • Difficult

Wish World

Wish World


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