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Without my arms


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Without my arms
Without my arms

You’re John Potatom and you were born with no arms nor legs. Climb using only your tongue to the top of the Tower of Wishes to make your lifelong dream come true.

Along the way you will find the legendary wisemen that will help you in your journey… if you help them out first.

This is a short but really hard game.


Key Fetures:

  • Challenging level design, you will find yourself clinging with your tongue on the hardest spots to keep progressing through the game.
  • 6 Different endings depending on your actions throughout the game.
  • Custom Skin Support. You can play as yourself without any limbs!
  • Free to explore. The whole tower is open for your exploration, just try to avoid falling down from it.
  • Difficulty settings. If you find it too hard to advance, in the easiest difficulty you will be able to use checkpoints.
  • Interesting rewards from delivering certain items to the characters that you will find along the way. They are just as weird as you, so their rewards might surprise you.
  • Striking pixel art.

Without my arms

Without my arms


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