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The official edtion will be launched on September 12

The following is a preview of the content of the official edtion.

You have come to a world almost destroyed by the plague, monsters have become the master of the ground. The weapon in your hand is the last hope of human civilization. To you, right here, right now, killing is saving!

Thrilling post-apocalyptic gameplay experience

Zombies, giant insects, and mutated monsters! Can you survive their relentless onslaught?

Select your character and fight your way out with your weapons and skills.

Unlock battle support and utilize turrets/laser/traps to make your battle a piece of cake.

Versatile upgrades and unique playstyle

4 types of upgradeable firearms with hundreds of customizable weapon attachments. Still deciding between damage and fire rate? Why not both?

More than 50 types of weapon stats for you to choose from! Instant kill, explosion, knockback, penetration, and more! Just unload your ammo and you will eliminate the monsters in a blink of an eye!

Character class and talents customization

Enjoy the feeling of dancing on a knife’s edge? Use your unique class skills and talents to make it possible!

Build your own unique playstyle with different talents, weapons, and class specialization!

The more the merrier? Or is it harder?

Play solo or with up to 4 friends in co-op mode. The more the merrier!

Watch out for that friendly fire! Always watch your back, like, really, stranger danger is real.




System minimum

System recommended