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Distant Bloom


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Distant Bloom
Distant Bloom

Welcome to Distant Bloom, a cozy management and exploration game far away from home!

After a long expedition through space, you and your crew land on an alien planet with the critical mission of establishing a new home for your species. But this place is very different from the vision you saw through your telescope. What happened to the verdant life of this world? And what will happen to you?


Explore a desolate world and restore its blooming past with the power of plants!

Nurture new life by learning how to care for an amazingly varied alien flora. Play around with plant structures and create a thriving ecosystem!

Reunite your scattered crew into a community where each member has their own story to tell.

Explore the wilds to uncover the history of this strange planet. What –or who– left behind the puzzling ruins scattered across the land?

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Key Fetures:

  • Turn your harvest into recipes, tools, and items that you can use to build and improve your homebase.

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