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Outcasts of Orion


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Outcasts of Orion
Outcasts of Orion

Outcasts of Orion is a Rogue-like Auto Battler. Choose a hero, recruit allies, and take on the toughest baddies in the Orion Sector! Tactically set up your units and then watch the battle. Unlock items, heroes, and artifacts to discover new synergies.

Key Features

A mix of Auto Battler and Tactics games: Position your units carefully to overcome a massive enemy force. Then sit back and watch your plan unfold without fiddling with your units any further.

Roguelike variety: Every run is a little different. Experiment with different unit compositions, equipment choices, and artifacts every time. Perhaps you’ll discover some unbeatable combinations.

Unlock even more as you play: Get rewards for every run you play whether you are victorious or not. Unlock even more heroes, items, and artifacts to spice up your runs!

Key Fetures:

  • 6 heroes (4 of whom are unlockable)
  • 22 units
  • 25 items (6 of which are unlockable)
  • 37 artifacts(14 of which are unlockable)
  • 4 bosses to defeat

Outcasts of Orion

Outcasts of Orion


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