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Puzzle Forge Dungeon


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Puzzle Forge Dungeon
Puzzle Forge Dungeon

Craft, attack, repeat.

Puzzle Forge Dungeon is a turn-based crawler from the original series of Puzzle Forge. Create weapons with a match-3 system on your board and throw them to the enemies. Each battle is unique and requires you to use resources and skills cleverly.

Help dwarves to reconquer their city

Anvilars’ forges turned off! The last inhabitants ask every blacksmith available to help restore the city and repair the Heart of Anvilar.

Manage a team of heroes

A parodic bestiary

Developement road map

We intend to have the game complete with 6 month or so of full development. It will focus on improving core gameplay, add a real advanced gameloop and add content required to make this gameloop work.

Key Fetures:

  • Discover gameplay mechanics while exploring the city.
  • Cleaning a district will unlock services and/or heroes.
  • Complete all districts open a new infinite, procedurally generated game mode.
  • Recruit, heal and upgrade your heroes.
  • Discover heroes stories during specific enemy encounters.
  • 50 different enemies.
  • Unique bosses.
  • Procedural enemy group generation.

Puzzle Forge Dungeon

Puzzle Forge Dungeon


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