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Robot chariot battle


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Robot chariot battle
Robot chariot battle

In this endless battle arena, should you choose to survive as long as possible under the fierce attack of the opponent? Or choose to fight back and destroy the opponent.

Main features

1.Various attack tanks-a variety of tanks equipped with different weapons, allowing you to experience different game experiences in the arena.

2. A variety of traps make the battle more exciting-the trap device in the arena is the best place for you to avoid the opponent’s damage and fight back.

3. Cinematic slow motion- the highlight moment in the game will be represented with slow motion playback. In every highlight moment in the game, there will be slow motion show, allowing you to show yourself perfectly.

4. The lovely audience can support you-the lovely audience on the sidelines will continue to cheer you on.

Game Instruction

[W], [A], [S], [D] control the movement of the tank

Use the left mouse button to turn on or off the attack weapon.

Robot chariot battle

Robot chariot battle


System minimum

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