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The Book of Warriors


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The Book of Warriors
The Book of Warriors

The Book of Warriors–Constant adventure with endless possibilities!

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“The Book of Warriors” – The start of the hero’s journey—a call to adventure and challenge.

This is a game that skillfully combines turn-based strategy with Roguelike elements. In this world, fraught with danger and limitless opportunities, randomly generated maps act like military drills, where every step could be filled with unknowns and challenges.

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Key Fetures:

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  • Upgrade Points: You can use upgrade points to improve the basic attributes of the character, such as strength, agility, intelligence, etc. This is the cornerstone of character growth and directly affects your output, defense, and survival ability.
  • Active Skills: Each profession has a unique set of active skills. You can enhance and strengthen these skills to have more strategic choices in battle.
  • Sigils: The Sigils system offers various attribute boosts and combinations. You can enhance specific skills of the character and unlock new battle strategies by collecting and upgrading Sigils.
  • Character Talents: The talent tree provides a unique ability enhancement path for each character. By unlocking and upgrading talents, you can activate the hidden abilities of the character, making the character more individual and competitive.

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