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Trials of Kokoro


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Trials of Kokoro
Trials of Kokoro

A young man awakens in a forest, deep in the Hinodean wilds. He doesn’t remember how he got there, or where he needs to be. Despite this, wielding a blade is all too familiar to him, and his knowledge of ancient history is greater than scholars that have studied their entire lives. On a quest to remember his past, the young man sets out, eager to find his way…



Aedric awakens in a mysterious meadow, deep in the forests of Hinode. He doesn’t remember anything before then, and is on a mission to remember who he is, and where he belongs. Aedric is incredibly naive about many things, and can be far too trusting of those he doesn’t know.

In battle, Aedric wears heavy armour and wields swords. Aedric can choose to carry a shield, which allows him to completely block incoming physical attacks, or he can forgo defense for greater attacking strength, choosing to fight with two-handed swords, instead. Aedric’s powers allow him to add a variety of elemental effects to his strikes, and he has a number of spell-like abilities, as well.

Key Fetures:

  • Customize your heroes the way you want. The game contains 54 weapons, 150 different types of armor and accessories, and 92 unique skills and spells for the heroes to learn. Additionally, there are 54 gems to equip, which enhance the heroes’ skills in different ways.
  • The world is full of dangerous enemies, and each requires their own strategy. The Aranea Queen, for example, can trap someone in webs, and devour them instantly if they aren’t freed in time!
  • There are a number of status effects, bonuses, and penalties that will help or hinder you during the journey. If you are unsure what a status effect does, mouseover the character or monster, and all of their statuses will display descriptions. Additionally, use the Combat Log to check previous battles, or catch up on something you might’ve missed during the fight.
  • Battles are turn-based, with unique mechanics. Powerful spells will take time to cast, and characters can use Free Actions, special skills that allow them to instantly act again. Some fights will grant the heroes temporary abilities, like the Assist command, which lets someone provide aid to their friends.

Trials of Kokoro

Trials of Kokoro


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