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Volt Patrol – Stealth Driving


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Volt Patrol – Stealth Driving
Volt Patrol – Stealth Driving

Become a stealth driver and try to get through the security system Volt Patrol!

Drive to sneak across a complex watched by the security system Volt Patrol.

Designed by the artificial intelligence A.I.M.O.S, this system uses vehicles patrolling and watching tirelessly for intruders.

Find access codes and activate switches to open the gates and overcome the Volt Patrol system.

But beware, rushing can be very risky.

Key features

Volt Patrol is based on the essence of stealth: collecting information to sneak and reach the inaccessible.

And its minimalist set of mechanics focuses on the feeling of infiltration.

Good to know before buying

If you prefer classic stealth games or classic racing games, know that it is not what Volt Patrol is.

You will not find the usual gadgets to sneak along a rich story with a lot of cinematics.

Key Fetures:

  • enjoy a flowing stealth approach
  • handle the pressure of vehicles patrolling and searching for you
  • use your driving skills to face a tireless and merciless patrol
  • take advantage of the environments to move stealthily
  • observe to find your way out
  • drive and retry

Volt Patrol – Stealth Driving

Volt Patrol – Stealth Driving


System minimum

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