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Exorcist Fairy


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Exorcist Fairy
Exorcist Fairy


“Xuan Nu Zhu Mo Lu” is a traditional style 2D action adventure game. Players will fight with many demons in many scenes, meet and help the innocent, and finally uncover the truth of the ten thousand demons grottoes and Xuannv.


All the materials in this game are hand-drawn.

The protagonist of the game is a young, beautiful and superb martial arts girl with more than 200 frames of full hand-painted animation.

There are many exquisite characters in the game.

In the game, players can operate the protagonist to move, jump, double jump, sprint, climb, hang, combo, use spirit power and many other actions, and can use various means to kill the enemy.

Players’ adventure will be explored in many huge and different styles of the world, such as deep temples, evil caves and so on!

Many demons enemies and epic level demons! Face and kill the most evil demons in the adventure!

Key Fetures:

  • Detailed 2D hand-painted art
  • Beautiful and lovely girl
  • Exquisite character drawing
  • Rich 2D action elements
  • Exploring the interconnected world
  • Dozens of strange enemies with different styles

Exorcist Fairy

Exorcist Fairy


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