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Kokoro Ultimate


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Kokoro Ultimate
Kokoro Ultimate

The next generation of hybrid fighters have arrived.

Join a unique roster of characters in this fast paced, “2 in 1 Fighter” experience. Featuring hand-drawn assets in a stylized world, the game consists of three base modes.

Story Mode:

Ryzon, a merciless space tyrant, has taken advantage of the Dragon Amulet. Your mission is to prevent impending chaos and contain the power the amulet possesses. Play as Arcane Spectrum, Cyber Primate, and more in this thrilling adventure.

Arcade Mode:

Classic 1 on 1 fights where you are free to transform into a unique secondary fighter. Unlock skins, maps, and points to build your rank.

Versus Mode:

Play against the computer or friends to build your rank further. Master all techniques and weapons through local multiplayer battles.

*Nightmare Mode and Online Multiplayer coming soon.

Key Fetures:

  • Hybrid roster: 6 base fighters + 6 secondary fighters
  • Combo Extension: Each fighter uses a unique weapon you can activate mid-combo.
  • Special Attacks: 3 Signature moves per fighter, 36 Signature Moves total.
  • Audio: Cinematic ’Story Mode’ soundtrack + General gameplay soundtrack
  • The Stages: 8 arenas fit for explosive fights.

Kokoro Ultimate

Kokoro Ultimate


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