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King Kitty Saves The Animals


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King Kitty Saves The Animals
King Kitty Saves The Animals

King Kitty Saves the Animals is a chill adventure mini-game designed to be an introduction to platforming. Travel through, forests, caves, up mountains and under lakes to rescue all the animals stolen by the evil King Ghost. Use King Kitties powerful heart to save the ghost minions and avoid dangerous storm clouds. Keep your eye’s open as their are treasures around every corner!

Project History – This game was directed by my 4 year old daughter. She asked to make a game when she found me working on another project. I thought this would be a cool experiment in players directing their own experiences. The characters, story and objectives were all her ideas.

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Key Fetures:

  • A fantastic and forgiving introduction to platforming. Plenty of thrilling obstacles but lots of checkpoints!
  • Hand drawn art style brings paper to life.
  • Great re-playability as you try to find all the secrets and collect every item.
  • Play how you want with keyboard or gamepad support.
  • Meow, Purr and do tricks!
  • Awesome and relaxing sound track with pleasant sound design
  • Unlockable hard mode for an extra challenge.

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